Trained German Shepherds For Women

Feel Safe with our Trained German Shepherds.


Our specially certified IPO German Shepherds are great and safe for women of all ages. These K9′s can help single women feel safe through out the day and night. For business women who travel and need a companion and keep the kids safe at home when out traveling.

Rosie at International K9 Imports can answer all your questions and has been in the industry for over 20 years. Please browse our website and give Rosie a call so she can answer all your questions. 




Happy Halloween!


Trained German Shepherds are great for trick or treating!

International K9 Imports wishes you a happy and safe Halloween. Send us your pictures if you dressed up your dogs for the holiday and have fun with the whole family.


And if you are looking for a great companion or bodyguard to help your family trick or treat… View our great Trained German Shepherds that will bring smiles to everyone in the neighborhood. 



IPO Process for our Trained German Shepherds


IPO is an exceptional process in which our German Shepherds are certified in. This is a 3 part sport that covers obedience, tracking and protection. It is designed as a test for the German Shepherd, and has grown in to a popular sport.

As a sport, several countries hold regional and national competitions. In Germany, the big trial each year is the BSP or Bundessiegerprüfung. There is also a world competition (WUSV) each year held under FCI international rules.


Our own Dean Calderon has won it twice!

Trained German Shepherds for Business

International K9 Imports Trained German Shepherds for Executives!

Our German Shepherds are perfect for you if are in business and traveling around the country or world. We have clients that love to feel there family is safe and secure at home while they’re out of town for business.


Also great if you want to travel with your own bodyguard. Your Trained German Shepherd will accompany you around the world and even might help you close the deal!


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K9 Guard Dogs

Our Trained German Shepherds for your Protection


We here at International K9 Imports pride ourselves on having very prestigious dogs that will secure your home or office. A fully Trained German Shepherd in your house will serve as a full scale alarm system that will protect you and your family. The K9 is trained to know the difference of hostile activity or your friend or love one coming home late at night.


Your Trained German Shepherd is essentially a 24/7 bodyguard that will bring much comfort to your life and spread happiness into your life and the people around you. Check out the current German Shepherds we have for sale that will enhance your lifestyle, protect your loves ones and put a smile on your child’s face.




Trained German Shepherds to fight Depression

How you trained German Shepherd can help fight Depression.


As you may have heard the sad news that the great Robin Williams has passed away. It has been now documented that has was suffering from severe depression. It is a fact known that your k9 companion is the best medicine when you are feeling blue. Dogs are the most loyal creatures know to man it is a fact that a man’s best friend is his K9 friend. They never judge, never question and never will. The true meaning of unconditional love.


Our dogs, from the moment they are born are trained are meant to serve their human master with as much as love as the world can give. Everyone gets down, has the feeling hopelessness. The best way to put a smile on your face is loyal K9 next to you.


We here at International K9 Imports are deeply sadden by the new the Robin Williams has passed. We love all his movies from Good Morning Vietnam to Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting and many more. Too many to name and the hilarious stand up genius he was. He will go down as one of the greatest comedians and performers of all time.

Our deepest thoughts are with him and his family,


International K9 Imports

How to keep your Trained German Shepherd safe from the heat

This summer has been burning up areas all around the globe. Wildfires have broken in southern and northern California and probably in or close to a state near you. We here at International K9 imports want to make sure that you take great care of your dog in the heat. Make sure that your dog has water in their dish at all times and do not leave them out in the sun for long periods of time. Just like in the winter, you want to adapt to the weather changing. If you keep your dog outside your house, make sure there is proper shade there to keep your dog safe. An outdoor fan, ice cold water and good old love from there human companion will keep them safe and happy.


Also take a trip to the beach. Take your dog to cool down with you and your family at the beach to enjoy the beautiful weather. Especially with our smart, intelligent trained German Shepherds you can include them in all the volleyball games and beach games you want to play. Be sure to include a kit with proper food and water wherever you take your dog this summer, because just as thirsty and tired you get; you dog also does as well.


And remember, our prestigious trained German Shepherds are exclusive and highly sought after. International K9 Imports is here to help you find your ideal four-legged friend.


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Schutzhund Trained Protection Dogs

What is a Schutzhund Trained Personal Protection Dog?

Schutzhund is a German word that literally means “protection dog.” To be a Schutzhund the dog must successfully accomplish a working dog trial in Germany that breeders use to evaluate the working ability and temperament of their dogs. Every dog in Germany, for the last 100+ years, must first pass the working dog trial prior to being used for breeding. By using this working dog trial, which is judged by impartial judges, German breeders have been able to eliminate those dogs that have undesirable qualities from the breeding program. A breeding dog in Germany must also meet other requirements; good hips, conformation, evaluation, and a DNA history of bloodlines before the dog may be bred in Germany.

BH: “Begleit Hund” or “Companion Dog”

This title is your basic obedience training title. In order to obtain this title the dog must:

  • Heel on and off leash through a series of turns and halts.
  • Heel through a group of people to evaluate the dog’s steadiness in a crowd.
  • Be subjected to a blank gun being fired during the heeling exercise to test the dog’s gun sureness.

The dog must also perform a “sit”, “down”, and “come” using voice commands. While one dog is demonstrating his obedience exercise, another dog is on a “long down” exercise to test his indifference to other dogs and people. A German Shepherd must past this BH test before the dog can proceed to the higher levels in Schutzhund training.

Schutzhund Trial:

There are three phases in the Schutzhund trial.

The first phase is the tracking test, the dog demonstrates his ability to track people. During the tracking test, the dog will also locate “lost” objects dropped by the person.

The second phase is obedience. The dog demonstrates his ability to work with the trainer through a series of obedience exercises – heeling, sit & stay, down & stay, stand & stay, come when called, and retrieving of a dumbbell through obstacles. This phase also tests the dog in his physical soundness.

The third and final phase of the Schutzhund trial is protection. During this phase, which is the most important, the dog must be under complete control of the trainer at all times. If the dog, at any time, demonstrates a lack of control by the trainer, the dog is immediately dismissed. During the protection phase, the dog must search a group of hiding places to find the “bad guy”. Once the dog finds the “bad guy”, he must only hold the “bad guy” at bay by barking. The dog is then tested in a series of scenarios demonstrating protection of the trainer with absolute control.

During the obedience and protection phases of the Schutzhund trial, the dog is shown off leash. This, more than anything else, demonstrates to all how well trained these Schutzhund dogs are.

There are three levels of Schutzhund training as follows:

SchH 1 = High School Diploma
SchH 2 = Bachelors Degree
SchH 3 = PhD

Schutzhund Wikipedia Article

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